Programming for Teachers and Ministers: “Take What You Need”

I thought this simple piece of paper was brilliant for two reasons: (1) it was a passive program that allowed people to stop and think about–even if just for a few seconds–what they need in their lives and (2) it was great advertising for both John Carroll Campus Ministry and for The Living Person.

The original inspiration (from a facebook post)

I made a few “improvements.” The first thing I did was to add our logo at the top of the page. I also took some time to design a the contact portion featuring the facebook and twitter logos. This was also inspired by a tweet by CLE Clothing Co.  (Inspiration is everywhere! See picture below).  The most important addition was the contact info on the back of each tab. This took a some extra time but it well worth it especially if it has the possibility of reaching and inspiring more people through our social media pages.The rest as you can see was simply copied from the original project. It is a simple yet brilliant idea that has the potential of inspiring anyone who walks past.

The final product.

One of my co-workers, Mary Jane, posted about how it took her five minutes to decide whether she needed ‘patience’ or ‘strength’ for her day and as I began to think, I realized that this simple piece of paper, if people engage in it, brings us to examine who we are, where we are, and what we’re doing. These are some of the most important questions–not simply of the day–but of life. If this flyer moves a person to stop and reflect then we have indeed done our job and in the end the important thing isn’t which tab someone has pulled but that the person stopped their lives to think about…

who they are, where we are, and what they are doing.



Cut and paste… literally.
contact info on each tab
Front and back
Reflection by the drinking fountain
CLE Clothing Co. inspiration for our TLP facebook and twitter contact stubs

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