June 23, 2013: The Next Great Generation

millennialsHaving completed a master’s degree in Catholic theology, it’s a blessing to be at such a vibrant parish. My hope for these “bulletin blurbs” is to provide you, the parents, with practical information, tips and reflections that will enrich the lives of your families. Our first series will be on the Millennial Generation.

So, who are the Millennials? They are the largest generation in U.S. history, with over 80 million strong, eclipsing the Baby Boomers. They were born as early as 1980 and as late as 2003(ish). They are also described as the “Next Great Generation” and for good reason as they are the most educated with violent crimes, suicides, and abortions all in a steady decline. With all the evil and corruption we encounter, it may be a surprise to find out that that this group is headed in a very positive direction.

In these next five weeks I will spell out five key characteristics of the Millennials and we will see that our role as ministers and parents is crucial. Whether we like it or not, they look up to us. We set the example for our teens. This week, we pray that we might reflect God’s love in our family life.