coreyThis was originally an article for our bulletin but I was asked to change it a little bit. However, I couldn’t help but post it. It was a story meant to be shared with the world. Thank you Corey for the love you’ve shown me.

I had the pleasure of meeting Corey McComas during my first week at Ambrose. It was in the midst of all the messiness that comes with transition. The pain of “being new” is always real. I’ll never forget my pastor’s 25th anniversary of his ordination. I hardly knew anyone at the parish. And when I went to sit down, Corey stayed with me. We chatted and got to know each other on the surface level but I know in my heart that it must have been difficult for her to let go of Alexa (former youth minister) and try to welcome me. Regardless, it was a moment I’ll never forget because she took a leap of faith to welcome the stranger—to show goodness to the outsider. So, Corey, I’ll be forever grateful that you stuck by my side. In that moment, you were an example and a witness of the ever-important ministry of presence. This is what it means to be Eucharistic. So may we all strive to be like more like Corey, a young person profoundly in love with Jesus and doing her best to be “really, truly, and physically” present to those in need.


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