Hi friends,

I was blessed enough to have a yet another publication published by LifeTeen.com. Huge shout out to Christina Mead for helping me grow in my writing. Here is an except from the blog… click here to read the entire blog.

I can’t tell you how many times a teen comes to me and says, “I didn’t feel anything… I don’t think it worked.” But trust me when I tell you that the Lord is working with you. God works with every person in a unique and mysterious way. And while I don’t have any answers for why you experienced the things that you did, I believe with my whole heart that God is seeking you. God waits for you and yearns for your broken heart because He has the medicine to heal it.

So what happens if we don’t encounter God in these life-shattering ways? I’m here to give you three simple ways to continue your quest for a meaningful faith life.


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