What a wild ride it’s been with LifeTeen. I know if done my fair share of shout outs to Christina Mead but again…she continues to give me amazing opportunities to spread God’s dream for our world. So again, I express my gratitude to her. Below is an excerpt of my most recent blog on spiritual journaling… click here to read the full article… Scroll down for the podcast…

My first writing professor was a short stocky man who didn’t like religion and wore a Harley Davidson leather jacket to class. Even more so, he was bald with a white goatee and his signature move was honesty. He didn’t believe in sugar-coating life. Honesty was the only thing that made for good writing–even if the truth hurt. Despite all these eccentric quirks, his teachings changed not only my writing, but my life.

One day my professor pulled out a small book from his bag. It had a black cover and the pages looked yellow and worn out. “So… does anyone in here use a journal?” He asked. Not waiting long for our class’ response he mumbled, “Hmm… that’s too bad.”

He continued to explain that his journal was his sanctuary, the place where he found safety and calm. He wrote down all the experiences that inspired him, all his thoughts, and most importantly his struggles. It was the place where he processed the joys and hopes, the griefs and anxieties of life.

“Don’t be fooled.” He warned us, “This isn’t a diary. It’s a secret weapon, a tool for your success… for your happiness.”

Immediately after class I drove to the bookstore and bought my first journal. Ten years and five journals later, you’ll find my own worn-out journal in my backpack. So whats the big hype about journaling? What can it do for you?

Here are five reasons why you should start a journal today.


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