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  1. Jurell, your reflection on Pope Francis’ reflection on “pastoral fatigue” was spot on. Thanks so much for encouraging us to keep on going back to the source and summit of all we do in ministry – our Eucharistic Lord Jesus. I have been a religious sister for 10 years and can pinpoint when I have been relying on personal efforts at study or recreation to maintain my passion by my apathy. Your article backs up my experience – constancy in prayer and a commitment to just being consistently present is at the heart of authentic youth ministry. How exciting that our Holy Father consistently says this to us!

    In Christ,
    Sr Rosie

    1. I cannot thank you enough for your words, Sr. Rosie. There is so much depth to our Holy Father’s simplicity–so much for us to learn to be better disciples of Jesus. God bless you.

  2. I’ currently serving as a youth minister, and i find myself tired. A lot has to do with the other youth ministers. Ive been serving for almost 5 years. I tried keeping my eyes fixed on giving my service for God. But as of lately its tough. These issues have a lot to do with the other ministers responsibilities, especially of being to events, meetings and even Mass on time. We have spoken about this a few times, but nothing has changed. Would you say its best if i quit now instead of staying and end up doing things because “i have to” or that this might be a calling from God for me to move on.

    Reading you post on “pastoral fatigue” got me thinking, but my fatigue its not because of the youth I’m serving, its because of the people i work with.

  3. Hi there, I have to say thank you for reaching out. I can’t say that I have the perfect answer but I would be happy to help navigate and talk through some of the challenges. Just shoot me and email/text/phone call. My contact are above! I’ll certainly keep you in my prayers.

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