featured reflections


Stronger Than Fear

7 Ways to Lead Like Joseph

LifeTeen International & CatholicYouthMinistry.com

The Lenten Sacrifice: How It Can Save Your Life

Stoning the Bachelorette

I’m The Best Player in the World: LeBron James and Humility”

Letters to God: 5 Reasons to Keep a Journal

“I Didn’t Feel Anything”: Searching for Christ After Confirmation

The Original Pope Francis: Saint John XXIII

Worn Out: The Cause and Cure for Fatigue in Youth Ministry

What Does Fonzie Have to Do With Holiness?


Reverb Culture

The Lenten Sacrifice: How it Can Save Your Life



Scripture as the Remedy

Surrender to God’s Love

A Eulogy for Jesus

Covered by the Dust of the Lord’s Feet

My Journey Through the Two Standards

The Birth of Jesus: Part of the Family Now

The History of My Sin

My Secret Desire to be Rich

Prioritizing Prayer

Fight for the Space to Give Thanks

A Moment of Shared Silence

God as Mystery, God as Neighbor

Loyola Press, 3 Minute Retreat:

Ears to Hear

Blest by God

Never Forgotten

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